5 Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods



Professional carpet cleaning services use a variety of cleaning procedures. There are a number of factors which influence the method of choice. However, there are some that work more efficiently for certain types of carpet issues than others.

There are at least five solutions that carpet cleaning experts swear by. Here we briefly describe these methods, so you can learn which one suits your carpet needs the best.

1.     Hot water extraction or steam cleaning

It is a common procedure in which steam is sprayed on the carpet, using a carpet cleaning wand. This way water loosens the dirt from your carpet and is sucked back with this dirt by the carpet  cleaning machine. If the carpet is too dirty, we may need to add detergents for efficient cleaning.

Steam cleaning needs to be performed by trained personnel. Otherwise, some moisture and detergent may get left behind. This moisture can promote the growth of mold, while detergents can attract and bind more dirt. This is why we use a rinsing agent to prevent resoling and maintain proper PH.

2.     Carpet Shampooing

It is an old technique which uses a cleaning detergent to scrub with a motorized brush. It is used for heavily soiled carpets. This is followed by steam extraction of dirt and other residue. Even for soiled carpets, experts prefer steam cleaning to shampooing.

3.     Foam extraction

It is similar to carpet shampooing. But here, a foamy detergent is sprinkled and spread by special machines. The dirt bonds with the foam and is removed upon vacuuming the carpet.

4.     Absorbent dry cleaning

For dry cleaning, a small amount of absorbent detergent powder is sprinkled over the carpet. It is mechanically brushed through the carpet.

The dirt then attaches to the powder as it does with foam extraction. Vacuuming then picks up the dirt and debris.

5.     Bonnet cleaning

A cleaning solution is sometimes mixed with carbonate, and spread as a mist over carpets. A “bonnet”, that is, a circular rotating buffer covered with an absorbent is run over the carpet.

The dirt is absorbed and the absorbent covering may be changed again for further cleaning. Bonnet cleaning is only efficient for cleaning the upper surface of the carpet. Deeply embedded dirt cannot be removed with this.

For every type of carpet dirt removal, steaming with or without a chemical detergent, is the preferred method of choice. At Excellence Janitorial and Carpeting Services, we use steam cleaning for your carpets to make them look brand new! Find out more about our carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield, California.


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