5 Ways You Are Making House Cleaning More Complicated


If you had to create a list of the most boring things you have to do each day, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you placed house cleaning at the top of the list. However, there are certain things that you do to make it more complicated.

We at Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning have prepared a list of 5 things that are hindrances to effective cleaning. Have a look at them to know what you do wrong when it comes to house cleaning:

You Don’t Have a System in Place

Not having a proper schedule and cleaning routine can waste a lot of your precious time. Since, you haven’t planned in advance; you are not up for the task. Having a methodical approach, such as cleaning the dining room on Thursday mornings or bathroom cabinets on the first of every month, will keep you focused and save you from distractions.

You Don’t Clean Proactively

The best way to not get frustrated with house cleaning is to clean as you go. When you are in the kitchen cooking, the best time to clean it would be right after you are done with cooking. Take those piles of laundry away to the bathroom as you are going there or pick up the kid’s toys in the hallway as you are passing. This will ensure that the mess doesn’t accumulate and that you have enough breathing space.

You Don’t Have Cleaning Tools Ready

Sometimes, you might have some free time and may decide to clean your house. However, when you go hunting for your cleaning supplies, you find out that you are short of them. This hampers any kind of motivation that you might have built up. From brooms to vacuums, make sure you have all the cleaning tools at your disposal.

You Don’t Prevent Dirt

Whether from shoes or open windows, dirt finds its way into your house and makes house cleaning doubly difficult. With just some preventive measures, you can save a lot of your efforts and time cleaning this extra filth that never belonged to your house.

You Don’t Try To Make It Fun

Who said house cleaning was supposed to be boring? You can make it a lot of fun. Put those headphones on and dance to your favorite music while you vacuum or listen to those podcasts you have always wanted to hear while sweeping the floors. Moreover, engage your family in the process. It’s more fun when people do it together.

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