A Busy Mom’s Guide to House Cleaning



As a working mom, you have to wear many hats in a single day. At work, you are handling accounts, managing people, listening to your manager and what not. This makes house cleaning the most daunting task for busy moms. We, at Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning, have prepared a guide for working moms who want to keep their houses clean. Let’s have a look:

Keep Cleaning As You Go

A little mess is easy to clean but, it gets trickier when this becomes a massive chunk of clutter. Pick up those dirty clothes and put them in the basket while you are heading out to work; clean today’s dirty dishes; and mop the floor while children are away. Making these little efforts regularly will make sure that your cleaning chores are never piled up.

Schedule Your Cleaning Routine

As a mom, you must know that organization is a valuable skill when it comes to cleaning. Make sure you divide your chores for each day of the week. Monday may be great for mopping the floor, whereas Sunday may be the day for window cleaning. Once you schedule each and every task for specific days, you will see that cleaning is not quite that much of a chore. It will become unbelievably more manageable.

Involve Kids

With kids in the house, cleaning becomes doubly difficult. However, you can turn the situation around and use it to your advantage.

Make them a part of the cleaning team. Little Sally can pick up her own toys, whereas Pete is now grown enough to help you with the dishes. This will not only be of great help to you, but will also teach them a thing or two about responsibility. Make sure you reward them for their efforts.

Hire Some Help

As a mom, you are expected to raise your kids, have a fulfilling career, take care of the house – the list can go on and on. However, it is not possible to do it all alone. Sometimes, you need help. And it’s OK to admit it. Hire an affordable cleaning service, and take the day off. You deserve it!

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