A Few Quickest Bathroom Cleaning Tips


By now, you must have realized this – Even with all of the things being squeaky clean, your bathroom harbors many different bacterial enemies in areas that your hands don’t reach on a regular basis.  

Bathroom cleaning is not a pleasing chore, and is hardly anyone’s favorite. However, if done properly, it won’t be as arduous as it seems to be; instead, it will be a lot more “entertaining”. 

Fortunately, most bathroom materials these days are designed in such a way that we don’t have to sweat much while getting hands dirty. I mean just look at today’s tiles, they are stain resistant and so easy to clean.  And this is just one example.

The bottom line is you can deal with every bathroom issue and make it spic and span instantly – all you need is a few  no-brainer steps.  Give me 5 more minutes and your HOW will certainly turn into WOW.


Bathroom Cleaning Ingredients that you need:

Baking soda – Helps in cleaning, deodorizing and scouring

Borax– Helps in deep cleaning and disinfecting

Distilled white vinegar – Removes germs, bacteria, mold and viruses. It also cuts grease

Castile soap or vegetable oil-based liquid soap – Helps in cleaning

Essential oils – Helps in freshening and disinfecting

Kosher salt – Helps in scouring and disinfecting







Spray bottles


Clean your tile:

Make a solution of baking soda (1 2/3 cup) and vegetable oil-based liquid soap (1 cup) in a spray bottle. Shake it and apply on the tile surface using a sponge or a piece of cloth.


Clean a toilet bowl:

Pour ¼ cup borax and 1 cup vinegar in the toilet bowl. Keep it for about 10 minutes and scrub before flushing.


Clean glass:

Prepare a mixture of vinegar (1/4 cup) and warm water (4 cups) in a jar, Apply the prepared solution on the glass and mirrors with a piece of dry cloth.


Clean a drain:

Pour a cup of vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda into your drain. Keep it for 10 minutes or so and rinse with hot water. It will definitely help in unclogging the drain.


Sanitize your floor:

Combine 2 gallons of water and ½ cup Borax in a big bucket. Then apply with a mop, or a sponge.


Get rid of lime deposits or calcium:

You can remove lime deposits or calcium from a chrome faucet simply by soaking a towel in vinegar and wrapping around the faucet. Do it at the end of the day and let it sit for overnight.


Remove mold and mildew:

Make a paste by mixing ½ cup borax and ½ cup vinegar. Then keep the paste on a brush and scrub before rinsing with water. If you are dealing with stubborn mold, make sure that you keep the paste for about an hour, before rinsing with water.


Prepare scouring powder:

Make a mixture of baking soda (1 cup), borax (1 cup) and kosher salt (1 cup) in a sprayer. Pour the cleaner on the surfaces, wipe with a clean cloth and rinse.

Once you get rid of all the bathroom stains, it’s time to de-clutter the unsightly messes. Don’t you think?

If there are items that you don’t need regurlarly, pick them and put in a basket or bag. A glimpse of yesterday’s paper lying on the floor doesn’t bode well, right?

Put back the bathroom belongings in their respective places. For example, you might have taken some medicine from the bathroom and not placed it back. 

 Sometimes, it’s quite hard to identify what sort of stuff are actually needed in the bathroom, and what not. I would like to clear this confusion right away.

Stuff that you need in your restroom, apart from obvious:

  • A basket or box to place clutter items
  • Broom and mop
  • A trash container
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Sponge
  • Glass cleaner
  • Brush or scruber
  • Cleaning product

Try these tips and see if they can make your life easier…





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