All Your FAQs About Carpet Cleaning, Answered by Excellence Janitorial


First time clients of Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning are most concerned with effectiveness and performance of rental carpet cleaners/steamers that111 can be rented from local home improvement stores.

In fact, many used these machines before finding (and switching) to a much better option.

Hiring professional carpet cleaning services is a good investment that home and office owners make; especially when it comes to finding out answers of some frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning.  The following are some FAQs that homeowners in general ask.

How Can I Find the Right Carpet Cleaning Professional?

There’re a lot of carpet cleaning companies in the market but finding the right one will be challenging. Some helpful tips to find the right one for your needs are;

  • Use Truck Mount Steam Cleaning Unit
  • They will explain the cleaning process
  • Will be fully Insured
  • Good Reviews
  • Years In Business
  • Listens To Customer



How Often Should I Deep Clean My Carpet/Have It Professionally Cleaned?

Carpets in heavy traffic areas should be treated to regular and thorough maintenance i.e. vacuuming, spot cleaning etc. To maintain their look and feel, it should be deep cleaned (hot water extraction method) every 12-18  months or sooner depending on traffic .

How Long Will The Carpet Take To Dry After Hot Water Extraction?

If you’re considering giving the job to professional carpet cleaners, the drying time will require  1 to  2 hour depending on the condition of the carpet it could vary. This is mostly due to use of special equipment (air movers) being positioned in each room’s entryway which ensures quick carpet drying time.

Will Re-soiling Increase/Happen More Often After Cleaning?

This can happen if homeowners carry a DIY carpet cleaning job. The carpet cleaning 3333and drying process is a very tricky business. Wet patches left are able to attract more dirt and grime which just hampers the effort and cleaning procedure done. Professionals however get the job done without incident or delay, with large air movers which speed the drying process exponentially, using a rinsing agent during the cleaning process helps to prevent re-soiling. Moreover, we use the highest quality of chemicals and detergents to get the job done.

Since Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning is one of the best in what we do in Bakersfield, don’t hesitate to ask any carpet cleaning question, whether residential or commercial. We’ll get back to you in no time.


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