5 Major Benefits of Green Cleaning


green cleaning

Nowadays, our lives have become busier, over-engaged and stressful, so it is natural for us to get inclined towards the products that make the promises of making the bothersome tasks easier. These chemicals are easily available, and while these products can be quiet effective, they can also be dramatically dangerous. Especially for children and those with weaker immune system, which is one of the reasons why green cleaning is catching on quickly.

How a clean office leads to sound productivity


The appearance of your office reflects professionalism. This is why having a clean and organized workplace is a must in today’s corporate world. If you look closely, you will get to know that office cleanliness is prioritized by many companies that have their prestige at stake. The logic is justifying. After all, a polluted and messy work environment can barely project its professional image on its clients. And, expecting to run a business without impressing customers is outright childish.

Uses of Vinegar for Household Cleaning


Most cleaning products today are either expensive or extremely toxic. But white vinegar is an exception. It won’t cost you big dough and it‘s not at all noxious to humans. Vinegar is a weak form of acetic acid and is outright edible.

The multipurpose nature of white vinegar is catching on rapidly and is one tough contender against all the cleaning products that are found in the market. It can take care of your kitchen, carpet stains, laundry, countertops, bugs, weeds – seriously, its uses are endless.  Don’t believe? You will!

Carpet Stain Removing DIY Recipes


Be it a drop of diet coke, a little present from your puppy, or some fine artwork from your kid, whatever you don’t like to get on your carpet always does.  Even if you leave no stone unturned to stop it, these issues are inevitable.  So, here are a few DIY tips on how to remove carpet stains – probably with the ingredients that you already have in your house.

How To Make House Cleaning Entertaining?


An untidy house is more than just an eyesore – it can impact your stress levels and family dynamics. However, in the contrary, an organized livingspace not just comes handy while welcoming unexpected guests but also eases your psychological and emotional stress. OK… enough is enough! We have been hearing all these guidelines probably since the inception of our life – what are moms for anyway? So, let’s get more practical this time. Who knows, after reading this blog, you might be activating your cleaning “mode” ON, on a daily basis.