Carpet Cleaning Hacks: Make Your Carpet Look New With These Easy Hacks


It’s so refreshing waking up to a beautiful morning and your clean, beautiful home. But wait; is that a stain on your carpet? Morning ruined.

Did your colleagues threw some wine stain in the last party? or is it some paint stain that only a professional can take away?

You will definitely get pissed off.

Now you will want to arm yourself will the harshest chemicals and strongest sponges to get rid of the stain.

But our experienced carpet cleaners know some easy hacks to help you deal with simple carpet cleaning issues. Stains, spots and rugged appearance – everything – can be tackled with quick, non-toxic cleaning tips. Here are some DIY ways of handling minor carpeting problems:

Stain removal with iron

Yes, your clothing iron can help you remove stubborn small stain. Start with vacuuming your carpet to get rid of all the leftover particles. Now prepare a solution of vinegar and water in a 1:3 ratio. You can use tap water for this.

Wet a towel with this solution and put it over the stain. Then, iron the towel while still wetting the spot. This will make the stain particles stick to your towel. Stop ironing when all of the mark or most of it is removed.

Freshening it up with a DIY deodorizer

Want a carpet to smell appealing? You can do it with the help of baking soda and a tiny volume of an essential oil. Simply add 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil to 16 ounces of baking soda.

Fill up a glass bottle with the mixture and sprinkle a little over your carpet. Wait for five minutes, and then vacuum. Do this every time you want a fresh smelling carpet and rug.

Unshag the fibers

Shag carpets are popular; they’re also infamous for being difficult to clean.

If you have a shag carpet, you know how rugged it looks if the fibers are not uniform in appearance. The shag gets caught in the vacuum machine and goes frizzy.

But here is a simple trick to solve this. Use your vacuum’s hose attachment to suck the dirt and debris out of it, without hurting its appearance. The classic shag carpet is incomparable in looks, especially when it is clean. It takes time, but this method is worth a try.

Fluff, Fluff, Fluff

A carpet which isn’t soft and fluffy is no carpet at all. If there are hardened stained areas, use the vinegar solution you made earlier and remove the stains. Now hold a spoon on its side and move it over the carpet. The fibers will stand and fluff up nicely.

Don’t have enough time on hand for these DIY projects? Dealing with stubborn stains or spots? Let our carpet cleaning experts do the job for you. Our carpet cleaning services are affordable and quick.


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