Carpet Stretching Will Make Your Carpets Last Longer


If most areas of your home have been carpeted, you may need to arrange for carpet stretching services by hiring a professional carpet installation and cleaning team. Typically, carpet stretching is a procedure that entails drawing the carpeting tightly and re-fastening it to the bearing or anchor strips positioned down the boundaries of the space in the sub-flooring.

In general, carpeting that is capably installed will be done very strongly and firmly against these strips at first, however, there are more than a few reasons why carpet stretching may eventually be required even with professional installation and cleaning services.

Why Carpets Need Stretching?

With constant wear and tear in ‘high-traffic’ areas of the home and even in spaces where carpeting is not greatly trafficked, the carpet can drag away from the nailed strips that fasten it to the sub-floor. In various cases, the ridge amid strips of the carpeting may also disconnect and the carpeting may eventually draw out. From time to time, the nailed strips can also become dented. Moreover, the carpeting itself may minimally become less tightly stretched over a period of time as the fibers and other materials elongate. Carpeting that requires stretching may impinge on the general visual appeal of the room and diminish security concerns that slack carpeting may create.

Signs Your Carpet Needs Stretching

There are quite a few apparent signs that your carpet needs to be stretched and then there are indicators that only a trained professional will be able to take notice of. For instance, you may observe that carpeting seems to be crumpled, undulated or lumpy in general. Ideally, carpets should lay leveled and flat across the floor and any signs that it is not the way it should be may point towards the need to have it professionally stretched. You may also detect that carpeting is hauled up at the boundaries of the room. Idyllically, it should have a well-placed emergence near the baseboards in the room, and spots that are not rammed in may require stretching and repair from a professional. If you call carpeting professionals to your home for assistance, they can look over the carpet to find signs of harm to the lines of stitching that you failed to take note of.

The Process of Carpet Stretching

If you suppose that your carpet needs stretching, the first step is to get in touch with a professional carpet installer and cleaner for assistance. These professionals will help you establish whether stretching is indispensable or advantageous. There are diverse processes connected with carpet stretching, and the professional will conclude which techniques are desirable to fix the issues with your carpeting. For instance, re-seaming carpeting may be required in some cases. Carpeting that is slack and wobbly may need new tacking strips to be mounted, and the knee kicker or power kicker may be utilized to drag and widen the carpet into place on the new nailing strips. In most cases, the method of stretching carpet may upshot the need to cut down excessive carpet in the room before the job can be finished.

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