Does A Dirty Carpet Make You Sick?


You may be surprised to know that most carpets can accumulate a whopping 40 pounds of dirt in a year. What’s more, scientists believe that thousands of dust mites can live in just an ounce of carpet dust.
Carpets make your homes look beautiful, but as they say, appearances can be deceiving. A seemingly clean carpet may be housing plenty of nefarious germs, dangerous bacteria and monstrous irritants. These hosts of harmful substances may make you and your children more prone to sickness. Here are some health conditions that may be caused if your carpets are not professionally cleaned:
Allergic reactions, such as sneezing and itchy skin, may be caused by the dangerous content accumulated on your carpet. This can be the result of mites, mold and deep fungi spores making their way into the carpet. People who are already allergic are more prone to these effects.
Breathing Problems
A dirty carpet is home to irritant compounds as they are etched into its fibers. When people walk on this carpet, these dangerous substances are suspended into the air and are inhaled by others in the room, causing respiratory issues.
These issues can range from coughing and sneezing to severe diseases such as asthma and even cancer. The air in a room of a dirty carpet can be very unsafe. Make sure that you remove these horrible substances before you let your children play on the carpet.
Skin Issues
Skin problems, such as redness and itchiness are caused by a carpet contaminated with harmful dust mites, molds and other substances. Not only that, these filthy carpets also attract pests, like cockroaches, which add to the overall disease-causing compounds.
Athlete’s foot is a common skin condition that can be acquired by walking barefoot on carpets that are hosted by dangerous microbes. This disease causes cuts and scratches on the foot. Another common condition associated with dirty carpets is skin asthma. It causes itches and rashes to the skin.

Stress Symptoms
According to research, being in an unclean and unhealthy environment is detrimental to mental wellbeing and can cause symptoms of stress and anxiety. Prolonged exposure to a filthy carpet and hence, stress makes the immune system weaker. This leaves you vulnerable to diseases, including several heart conditions.
To make sure that your carpet is free of all these harmful germs and microbes, hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning is an incredible team of experienced carpet cleaners. To know what people say about us, take a look at these testimonials.


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