Effective and Efficient Ways to Clean Your Upholsteries

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning, certainly, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Daily use of furniture may result in building up of dirt and stains in a quicker manner. You do not want them to be a part of your furniture, do you? Here are some easy and handy tricks to clean up the upholstery without ruining your furniture.

What you will require for cleaning:

  • Water
  •  A piece of soft cloth
  • Vacuum
  • Spot cleaner for upholstery
  • Steam Cleaner

 Upholstery cleaning process:

1)      Firstly, vacuum the entire piece of your furniture so that the loose dirt is easily removed.

2)      Take away the cushions that are not attached with your furnishing and sideline them. Do so after the upholstery is free of dust.

3)      Clean up the stuffing thoroughly, with the help of attachments on your vacuum. That helps you to remove the dirt from the corners.

4)      Clean up all the removed cushions with the vacuum.

5)      You need to assemble the steam cleaner now. You’ve got to follow the directions of manufacturer for this step. Starting from a small quantity of cleaner is recommended by experts. Doing so will simplify the removal process.

6)      It’s time to begin with the cushions that were removed, now. Use the spot cleaner to spray the stained area. Then, use the soft cloth you’ve got to remove the stain.

7)       With the use of upholstery attachment, spray water to the surface and then suck the sprayed water back out. Do not spray too much water. The task of drying out may really be a burden later. Conduct this process in smaller sections and work on the entire cushion gradually.

8)      Clean the rest of the piece of your furniture (working in small sections again) when you are done with the cushions.

9)      Reassembling the furniture before all the sections dries out would be a blunder.

Tips, Advice and Precautions:

  • Do not mix too much soap with water while cleaning in the initial phase. Doing so will make the removing (the excess soap) process much more difficult. In place of that, you can clean the same spot repeatedly, if required.
  • You’d better clean the upholstery on a sunny day. The stuffing sections, comparatively, will dry faster than that in rainy days.
  • Fans could help you speed up the drying time.
  • Deep clean your furniture at least twice a year. Experts have strongly recommended it.
  • It would be great to clean the piece more often, if you dwell in dry and dusty surroundings. The idea would prove to be more effective, if you have pets in your house.
  • Better avoid getting water on metal components, if you are cleaning a piece of furniture with items as such..
  • Use of too much water is inviting the trouble. Excessive water causes the fabric to lose the shape and can leave stain on your padding.
  • It might sound simple, but regular vacuuming of the furniture and covering might prevent it from being dirtier. Similarly, placing a blanket on the dog’s favorite chair or the couch can be helpful up to some extent.
  • Finding the appropriate upholstery fabric is more likely to lessen the requirement of cleaning your furniture. In the course of selecting the best fabric, you must always consider its durability, style, color, and the chances of allergies it may cause, along with every other aspect.

Furniture is one of the biggest investments in your household or your office. You can’t get away without maintaining it properly. Here, maintenance includes cleaning too. Inject new life to your property by making the best out of this blog. The tips and the cleaning process, here, will help you get rid of any sort of dust, dirt, and stains from your couch. Thus, it is high time to clean, and preserve your upholstery.

Happy Cleaning J

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