Facts about Dirty Carpets

Facts about Dirty Carpets

Did you know that a dirty carpet can lead to various breathing problems which can make your life miserable? As surprising as that might sound, it’s the truth.

This is just one of the reasons because of which it’s so important to get your carpets cleaned. Here’s a look at some additional facts which will further highlight the importance of keeping carpets clean:

Dirty Carpets Attract Grease and Dirt

You don’t even realize this but everyday dirt and grease from outside finds its way to your carpet. If you have pets, they also track in dirt and mud from the outside. These particles settle down in the carpet where they dry out with time.

When that happens, your carpet starts looking discolored. You will also notice patterns similar to traffic lanes on the carpet.

Sandy Soil Damages Carpet beyond Repair

Get close to the carpet and part the pile. You will find a layer of soil underneath which is near to impossible to clean with traditional vacuum cleaners. The soil buildup underneath the carpet wears down its fibers.

Dirty Carpets Consist Of Pollutants That Make You Sick

We have already talked about how dirty carpets can lead to health problems. Let’s elaborate on that now. Dirty carpets serve as home to various pathogens and bacteria.

Furthermore, dust mites too settle in your carpets. When they die their carcasses degenerate and pollute the air in your home. This leads to various health problems.

In addition to that, your carpet also consists of mold spores. They need moisture to grow and can spread to different parts of your home. They cause serious damage to your buildings structure.

In addition to that, they also lead to various health problems which include asthma and allergies.

The worst part is that these pollutants settle down within the fabric of the carpet and it’s not easy to remove them. You will have no other choice but to get in touch with professionals in order to get the carpet thoroughly cleaned.


The Norovirus is also referred to as Norwalk virus and causes symptoms similar to stomach flu and food poisoning. This virus can survive in your carpet for as long as six weeks. Furthermore, it can also become airborne when you walk on the carpet.

In order to deal with these issues you need to make sure you get your carpet cleaned regularly. Get in touch with us. We offer carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield, CA.

Dial 661-833-0934 for more details regarding our carpet cleaning services.

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