Hot Water Extraction Or Steam Cleaning: Which One Is Better?


When it comes down to hot water extraction and steam cleaning, are you aware of how both these carpet cleaning methods differ?

Majority of people interchangeably use the terms.  The fact is that both carpet cleaning methods are poles apart.

They make use of different procedures, water temperatures, and even cleaning solutions. Therefore, before you attempt to clean your carpets to take care of a stubborn and ugly stain, keep reading below the crucial difference between both methods.

The Basics

To begin with, you must learn that the most important dissimilarity between hot water extraction and steam cleaning is the water temperature.

In order to steam clean a carpet, you need to make use of steam. Of course, that sounds like a no-brainer but the water must reach to a temperature where it can convert into gas. Nevertheless, the application of pure steam to the carpets could prove to be ineffective because it doesn’t comprise the process, by over wetting the fibers in the carpets.

On the contrary, the hot water extraction merely makes use of hot water. If you’re thinking how hot, the answer is hot enough to effectively and intensely clean the carpet. The water temperature is about 220 degrees fahrenheit. This method is very effective in removing oily and heavily soiled areas. It also increase rapid drying time.  Even though it’s true that it’s evidently steam being used for hot water extraction method, it is still searing water.

The Uses

Most professional carpet cleaning services make use of the hot water extraction method to sanitize residential and commercial carpets.  That’s because carpet fibers are thoroughly cleaned with hot water extraction but at a high temperature.

Moreover, this method works well for getting rid of stains; whereas other cleaning methods can make carpet stains permanent. Post vacuuming is important to remove any dry soils.

In the hot water extraction method, professionals prepare an effective, green-cleaning solution to loosen up the soil embedded in carpets. A per conditioning solution is sprayed all over the fibers before they extract and clean them. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most efficient methods as the carpet fibers get completely rinsed with a neutralizing agent to balance the pH. Nonetheless being a homeowner, you must not take the risk of renting or purchasing extractors and steamers to clean carpets on your own.

Your lack of experience and sense of using the equipment can in turn damage and harm your carpets. It can potentially soak your carpets, letting high amounts of detergents seep in, and encouraging the growth of mold and mildew.

And this is why you should hire Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning. We make use of hot water extraction to spot and treat all kinds of stains that compromise the look and feel of your carpets. Through innovative devices and environmental-friendly cleaners, our experts guarantee exceptional cleaning services, fulfilling all kinds of complex cleaning needs. To hire our professional and quick carpet cleaning services for homes, restaurants and condos, call (661) 833-0934 now.

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