How Dirty Carpets Can Harm Your Health

How Dirty Carpets Can Harm Your Health

The CDC published a detailed document on cleanliness within the home and how the same is directly related to our physical health. The air and atmosphere inside our homes play a massive part in how healthy or not we are. There is actually substantial research that proves how air within the home has more of a physical impact on individual health than that outside!

As far as homes go, there are a number of things that contribute to cleanliness. For homes which are carpeted, carpet care plays a massive part as the state of your health; believe it or not it has a huge effect on your home environment!

Keeping Carpets Clean

We’re going to elaborate on how carpet cleaning is directly linked to the health of members of your family living within the home.

Mold Problems

Mold is not just some unpleasant or pesky fungal growth within the home. It can be quite detrimental if left unchecked. Mold spores are known to damage lungs when inhaled consciously, resulting in an array of respiratory complications.

Dirty carpets are like hotbeds for mold especially in places where moisture levels are high. Mildew and mold may grow and thrive with the help of water that may on occasion seep though the walls or floor and become absorbed by the carpet.

On the flip side, a clean and treated carpet is a lot less likely to breed mold!

Dust Mites

If you’re the sort of person who is irked by the presence of creepy crawlies, this might scare you but as little as a single teaspoon full of dust may contain on an average up to 20 thousand dust mites!

What will worry you even more is that carpets if not kept clean, end up collecting dust like nobody’s business. Unlike floors, you can’t really see the dust on your carpet which is why the same often goes unchecked. Dust mites thrive in dusty carpets and can often cause allergies as well as damage home air quality in the case of infestation!

Again, keeping your carpets clean ensures this does not happen!

Pollutant Control

Carpets tend to trap a lot of things. Dirt from people’s shoes and feet as well as pollutants from the air, for instance, lead. These pollutants are rereleased into the air within the home and serve to contaminate the same.

Apart from this, if you have a sick person living in or visiting the home, you can be sure that your carpet has trapped a fair amount of bacteria as well. This could make other people quite sick! Again, the best way forward here is having your carpet steam cleaned!

Winding Down

As you can see, dirty carpets are not just a cleanliness issue or an aesthetic concern. They can do quite a number on your health if not addressed. If this article has you thinking; I should get my carpet cleaned right now!, don’t worry!

If you’re located in Bakersfield, California and are looking for commercial and residential carpet cleaning and repair services, feel free to give us a shout!

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