How The Color Of The Carpet Affects The Mood Of The Room


Ever wondered if colors in a simple, statement art piece could affect your mood? Well, it can. In fact, there is separate branch of psychology dealing with just this particular aspect.

Color Psychology studies the effect of colors on your mental processes and emotional responses. From McDonalds’ use of combination of colors in their logos to create a positive vibe to Victoria’s Secret change of colors to revamp its brand personality, the application of color psychology has been far and wide.

Color has the power to depress or cheer up. Its effect on our emotions is spectacular to say the least. Carpet colors are no different. Since carpets decide the tone and feel of a room, their colors may have the most impact on our psychological dispositions.

Multi-colored carpets incite different responses. Let’s take a look at some colors, and the moods they evoke:


Probably the most vibrant and boldest of colors, red is a color known for its stimulating effect. While it can be exciting for some people, others may feel quite anxious around red. This is the reason red carpets should be used sparingly, especially if you have kids around the house.


Yellow is considered to be a warm and happy color. It can be soft and welcoming. In an educational environment, it can prove to be quite helpful in learning. However, it has also been linked to aggressive behavior.


Blue evokes one of the most calming and charming sensations. It is quite predominant in nature and the mood that it incites is that of relaxed contemplation. Blue carpets can convey trust and loyalty.


The color of plants and grass, green also exudes a warm and relaxing vibe. Green carpets make people feel balanced and comfortable. Its peaceful sentiment can be used to ward off nervousness and calm people down.

Not impressed with any of the colors above? You can try different shades of brown, beige and gray, depending on the furnishings and accessories of the room.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Carpet

When deciding to choose a carpet color, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What mood are you planning to create in the room?
  • Who will be the people using the room?
  • What is the color of the wall and other furniture in the room?
  • What ambience do you want to create?
  • What will the room be used for?

Answering these questions will help you choose the perfect carpet color for your room.

Be it the moods they incite or emotions they stir, we at Excellence Janitorial Service and Carpet Cleaning understand all aspect related to carpets. Our professional and dependable carpet cleaning service has helped many people get their carpets revamped. To know more about us, visit our FAQs page.

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