How To Make House Cleaning Entertaining?


An untidy house is more than just an eyesore – it can impact your stress levels and family dynamics. However, in the contrary, an organized livingspace not just comes handy while welcoming unexpected guests but also eases your psychological and emotional stress. OK… enough is enough! We have been hearing all these guidelines probably since the inception of our life – what are moms for anyway? So, let’s get more practical this time. Who knows, after reading this blog, you might be activating your cleaning “mode” ON, on a daily basis.

Too much entertainment is injurious to your health!


Imagine you are spending quality time watching the wicked conversation between Sheldon and Penny on television – enjoying white cheddar popcorn in your entertainment room. Everyone has that entertainment room, isn’t it?  Or is it just me? Anyway, your eyes are so much engaged at the television that you don’t even realize the empty soda cans and chocolate wrappers lying on the floor –looks like a Texas-sized hurricane has just passed through. Once the show signs off, you don’t have any “courage” to make the room clutter-free. I know, at that point of time, you wouldn’t even mind giving your companion like 10 bucks to turn off the T.V – ok, 10 bucks might be a bit more, but you all know what I mean, right? And after the entire struggle from your couch to the bed, you prefer to take a long nap rather than lifting your vacuum cleaner.

Ok, the show might be Game of Thrones instead of The Big Bang Theory, the food might be baked chicken rather than just Toblorone – all I was trying to say here was, you give so much priority to other stuff that sometimes, you tend to forget you are living in a garbage store. Let me remind you one thing very clearly people – a regular cleaning habit has a colossal role in leading a healthy and happy life, for real.


Get vibrant, get loud and start!

What was the first thing that popped up in your head when I said ‘cleaning habit’? If it was just a broom, vacuum cleaner, scrubber or some cleaning brushes, I must say you are boring kind of people sweetie… Anyway, is there anyone who was thinking about some foot tapping music? Yes, the previous sentence exists. The joy of listening to music while cleaning has its own beauty. Good thing is, you don’t even realize you were deeply engaged in the cleaning task for the last few hours. However,  when you do this, make sure you make a really nice playlist – no offence to Nicky Minaj, but her track in between the Led Zeppelin and AC/DC might break the momentum.


Little more fun won’t hurt!

Well, music is just one thing. There is a gamut of interesting ways that you can apply in order to enjoy your cleaning work. Let’s look at some of them.


  • Make a cleaning routine – You can manage your time and you will also know “what next?”
  • Make your bed first – This will give you space to sorts things on
  • Put things away – keep wrappers, dust bunnies and unnecessary papers inside a bin. Similarly, keep your clothes on hanger
  • Clean the floor last – Need I say why?

I am pretty sure these no-brainer tips can help you big time to clean your home – of course in “style”.

This much in this edition. I, David Sandler will be back with another interesting topic pretty soon. Till then, I expect you to have a regular cleaning habit ;)


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