How You Can Inspire Kids to Help You Clean the House


Every mom would attest to the fact that inspiring their kids to help with cleaning the house may be one of the fiercest household battles they may have to fight. Despite all their constant nagging and yelling, moms don’t seem to have gotten any solid holding on this one.

We at Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning understand the plight of moms and have prepared some tips to encourage their kids to clean their houses. Have a look:

Make It Fun

Let’s face it – the reason your kids hate cleaning is the same reason you hate cleaning; it’s boring. You can’t possible imagine a 21st century kid with their latest iPhones and coolest play stations to enjoy this monotonous and mundane chore.

Making it fun and exciting is the challenge here. You may have them imitate robots, from their favorite sci-fi movie, who clean houses or you may make it a competition among siblings.

Make It Meaningful

One thing about kids is that they love to feel important. As manipulative as that may sound, make your kids feel that by helping you clean, they are serving a higher purpose of contributing to the running of the household. Tell them that your family is a team and to win, everybody has to play their part. Make sure that you praise them after they have successfully completed a cleaning task.

Create a Schedule

It may not be wrong to suggest that today’s kids have busier lives than the kids of the previous generation. With all those home works and project deadlines, it may be hard for your kids to take time out to help in cleaning. Making a cleaning schedule helps in keeping children on track. When they know that they are expected to help you clean, they will have made their minds up before. This will also be a lesson in self-discipline and time-management.

Never Use it as Punishment

Parents might be tempted to assign cleaning tasks to kids as punishment, but this could create a negative association. To create any meaningful impact, kids must want to do the cleaning. If you portray it as some dreaded task, your kids will keep running away from it.

Give Them Some Choice

Be it completing their homework or deciding a vacation spot, when kids feel a sense of autonomy and independence, they enjoy it more. Give them some choice in how, when and what they want to clean. The more self-reliant they feel, the more motivated they will be in the task.

However, sometimes you may decide to give yourself (and your kids) a break. This is where we come in. We at Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning provide impeccable house cleaning services in Bakersfield, California. Our residential cleaning experts have immense experience in the field and are fully qualified to cater to all kinds of projects.

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