Mistakes To Avoid While Vacuuming Your Carpet


Vacuuming is the best way to keep your carpet clean. But how tidy it gets afterwards depends upon the machine, the type of carpet and the way you scour it.

While there is no right or wrong way to vacuum a carpet, there are some mistakes that we often repeat. Experienced carpet cleaners know the difference it can make, if we avoid following:

Vacuuming in a single direction

You cannot remove all the dirt and grime by only cleaning in one direction. Consider this: when you clean-up one way, the fibers will stick to the base so you can only tidy up one side of the fur. The dust will be completely removed only when you vacuum form the other direction too.

 Vacuuming with the bag filled up fully

Empty the dirt bag before starting with the cleaning. Empty it again each time it gets half-full. This will ensure efficiency of the machine and proper dusting of your carpets and rugs.

Not using the crevice tool

You should use the crevice tool at least twice a month. Utilize it for the room’s edges, no matter whether it’s plain or hardwood. Dust and debris easily pile up in these corners and get stuck to the flooring. Once it gets stuck, it will become impossible to remove. Scraps may also spread over your carpet, dirtying it frequently.

Not adjusting the height

If your vacuum does not adjust its height when you move from hardwood to the carpet, make sure to do it yourself. It will help clean these different surfaces with a higher efficiency.

Vacuuming in a hurry

Your machine takes time to suck up the dirt. Just moving it quickly over the surface is useless. Take your time and let the brush rouse the fibers suitably for thorough cleaning.

Not tidying up until the carpet looks dirty

You must do it at least one a week, if not regularly. It only appears dirty when a large amount of dust has stuck to the fibers. This makes it impossible to remove the dirt fully. So run it over every other day or at least once every week.

Not dusting the rooms beforehand

If you don’t dust your rooms and furniture before doing the carpet, it will all lay down on its surface. Your fresh and sparkling carpet will get slimy and dusty after you spend so much time making it spotless. So instead of ruining your hard work, get your room dusted first.

Can’t get that layer of grime off your favorite carpet? Our carpet cleaning experts can make it look squeaky clean. Let us know what services you need and get a quick estimate today.

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