Our Carpet Cleaning Process in 7 Simple Steps


Looking to hire a carpet cleaner? Oh, the conundrum!

It’s imperative to understand a carpet cleaning service’s procedures before you sign on the proverbial dotted line. Knowing about aspects such as, the water extraction unit they will be using or the type of chemical products they will be employing, can help in making a well-informed decision.

Being a thorough and professional company, we at Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning have a defined set of steps that we employ in each of our endeavors. Have a look at our simple 7-step process:

Step #1: Initial Inspection

First up, our expert technicians carry out an initial inspection on your carpets to identify problem areas. These may include heavy soiling, stains or any signs of damage to the carpet. The inspection gives us an idea about how to go about our jobs.

Step #2: Moving Furniture

Before getting started, we move your light and moveable furniture following the strictest of industry standards. However, keep in mind; we do not move heavy and breakable items, such as china cabinets, pianos, dining tables etc.

Step #3: Vacuuming

Now that the furniture is out of the way, we use a high-quality vacuum to make sure any kind of dry soiling is removed. This makes the actual cleaning process a lot easier.

Step #4: Applying Pre-Conditioning Solutions

Using only eco-friendly and green cleaning products, we pre treat individual spots . This will make sure that all stains are removed as we begin to employ the hot water extraction method.

Step #5: Employing Hot Water Extraction Method

Using a truck mounted unit, we employ hot water extraction. To ensure that stubborn stains and deeply embedded soil particles are thoroughly removed. We use a nylon 20 inch brush that circulates at a 175 rpm on heavily soiled areas are cleaned thourghly . Moreover, we regulate heat and pressure to prevent your carpet from over wetting, to ensure minimal drying time. With highly advanced techniques and modern equipment, our carpet cleaning experts make sure that your carpet looks as good as new.

Step #7: Grooming

After the hot water extraction method has been implemented, we provide air movers to help accelerate the drying process. A grooming tool is used  for lifting the pile, to ensure a new look and extended life for your carpet.

Step #8: Final Inspection

Finally, after we are done with carpet cleaning, our technicians visit your place for post inspection. This is to make sure that the service was up to the mark and that you have no complaints. It is only after you are satisfied that we consider our job completed.

If you are looking for a thorough and friendly carpet cleaning service, Excellence Janitorial Services may be the answer. Contact us to know more about our services, or better yet visit us. We will be more than happy to meet you in person.




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