Carpet Problems That Call For Professional Repair

Carpet Problems That Call For Professional Repair

Your home’s floor furnishings are one of the most expensive investments made throughout your life. It’s that home interior item that can last a long time depending on several factors including quality of carpet design, material, traffic, and how method of cleaning used over the years.

Expert carpet cleaners recommend homeowners to replace their floor furnishing every 5-10 years but this estimate also depends on stains and wear the carpet faced during that time. However, you may have to decide between two tough choices in many cases before the time for carpet replacement arrives…

To Repair or Replace – That Is the Question

It makes sense that a carpet in a high traffic area will face more wear and tear from feet brought in from outside than a carpet placed in a lesser used room. There are some instances when you don’t have any option but to replace the floor furnishing (patches look tacky).

Yet most common carpet problems can be fixed with a little help from a professional carpet repair service in Bakersfield.

Following are some issues that can sprout up from your carpet and should be addressed by a professional carpet repairer only.

Unsightly Damaged Piece of Carpet

It doesn’t make much financial sense to replace a carpet that is damaged in parts and pieces. However you cannot just cut the offending piece away and hide the area with furniture or another patch of carpet. Manufacturers often provide extra pieces of the same colored carpet to buyers for this same reason.

Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning offer carpet stretching and patching to fix this common issue.

Faded Traffic Lanes

These ‘lanes’ generally appear in heavily travelled areas of the home. A low quality carpet will show the first signs of wear and overuse with traffic lanes drawn on high traffic carpet areas. For instance, you will see traffic lanes on carpets placed in long hallways, outside bathroom and kitchen doors, and areas around the bed. What to look out for?

Carpet fiber suffering from heavy traffic will become scratched, matted or abraded. Home cleaning can be done to remove some of the discoloration yet overtime the issue will become more prominent. Professional carpet repair can help correct this issue, making your carpet look brand new again.

Disgusting Soil Wicking

There are many ways this problem can arise on your carpet but the main culprit is water i.e. a wet carpet from cleaning, spills or water damage will result in soil wicking. What is this problem?

It happens when brownish discoloration appears on the tips of the carpet’s fibers. Carpets placed in areas of heavy soiling typically suffer from this problem. However carpets that take too much time to dry after cleaning also become victim of soil wicking.

Home cleaning methods aren’t enough when it comes to repairing this issue as you won’t have the tools to help speed up drying of your carpet.

This is where Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning comes in the picture. Because sometimes all your home and office carpet needs to shine is a little professional nudge. Call us today and enjoy benefits of green cleaning!

How Professional Carpet Cleaners Help Reduce Indoor Allergies

How Professional Carpet Cleaners Help Reduce Indoor Allergies


And you pluck out another tissue from the tissue box, snorting heavily.

It has been a terrible few days for you and your family. Everyone in the house seems to be affected with allergies. You, your partner and your children.

Even though, you all have been hardly rocking the outdoors; most of your time has been spent indoors.

What could be the reason, you wonder…

There aren’t even pollens to blame this time around.

But what about the indoor air impurities?

Those dust mites, dust particles, mold spores, pet dander and other form of allergens? They can also trigger allergic symptoms in an individual.

Where can you find these raging allergens?

In the air, around you, and in that beautiful centerpiece – your carpet and your rugs.

Yes, your carpets literally serve as magnets for indoor allergens. And, if you are not fond of maintaining a carpet cleaning schedule, these allergens can build-up with time. Until finally,


The Regular Vacuum Cleaning – What About that?

It isn’t enough. You need professional carpet cleaners who can thoroughly clean your carpet. This won’t only ensure that your carpet remains in great shape, but it would also help to get rid of the indoor allergens, thus reducing indoor allergies.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is More Effective in Getting Rid of Indoor Allergens?

Indoor allergens, like pollens, dust mites, mold spores and pet hair and dander, often tend to settle deep into the intricate woven meshwork of carpets and rugs. Especially, by the action of users who may walk over the carpet, or couch on them while watching their favorite movie or just passing time. All these activities push the allergens deep into the surface of carpets which cannot be removed by vacuum cleaning or brushing. Your carpet may appear clean after a vacuuming session, but the deep-seated allergens are still there, invisible to the naked eye.

Professional carpet cleaners employ a more robust cleaning approach, using powerful equipment and carpet friendly chemicals, which helps to eliminate even the allergens that sit deep into the surface of carpets. While making sure that your carpet does not get damaged in the process.

Reduce Indoor Allergies with Bakersfield Carpet Cleaning Services

The team at Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning can help you reduce indoor allergies. We offer eco-friendly and carpet-friendly professional carpet cleaning services, resourcing a team of experienced professionals and an inventory of high-end equipment and advanced solutions. Our services expand all across the city of Bakersfield, Ca and we make sure that our customers get a service that is dependable and efficient.