5 Ways You Are Making House Cleaning More Complicated


If you had to create a list of the most boring things you have to do each day, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you placed house cleaning at the top of the list. However, there are certain things that you do to make it more complicated.

We at Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning have prepared a list of 5 things that are hindrances to effective cleaning. Have a look at them to know what you do wrong when it comes to house cleaning:

Here’s how you hide Carpet Stains until the Professionals Arrive


Imagine this: your excited kid is treading around on your new carpet with a drink in hand. As you try to stop her, she accidentally spills it over the carpet. Now the problem is, you have already invited your friends over to your house and this stain, if visible, can be the source of unimaginable embarrassment.

We at Excellence Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaning understand what you might be feeling at this time and have prepared a list of solutions that can come in very handy in hiding carpet stains until professionals arrive:

Hot Water Extraction Or Steam Cleaning: Which One Is Better?


When it comes down to hot water extraction and steam cleaning, are you aware of how both these carpet cleaning methods differ?

Majority of people interchangeably use the terms.  The fact is that both carpet cleaning methods are poles apart.

They make use of different procedures, water temperatures, and even cleaning solutions. Therefore, before you attempt to clean your carpets to take care of a stubborn and ugly stain, keep reading below the crucial difference between both methods.

Getting Oil Out Of Carpets


If you or your kids like to experiment in the kitchen, you need some real carpet cleaning skills.

You must know how to wipe up the spills and stains resulting from a chicken salad, fried chicken, or some pasta sauce.

This is in particular true if your dining area is carpeted.

Fortunately, we have you covered. Keep reading below to learn how you can effectively get rid of oil stains from carpets.