Preparing Your Carpets for Deep Steam Cleaning


To prolong your carpet’s life, it is crucial to get it cleaned professionally every year. However, at times unforeseen problems might have you looking for carpet cleaning professionals immediately. These situations include pet droppings, chemical stains during home renovation, wine stains etc.

There are some instances where even regular DIY cleaning will not be helpful. Professional carpet cleaning services cleanse carpets using a deep steam cleaning method which is far more effective, producing remarkable results.

Outlined below are a few tips that will help prepare carpets for professional deep steam cleaning. Have a look:

Detailed Vacuuming

Prior to getting your carpets cleaned professionally, it is vital to vacuum them properly. This holds true irrespective of the carpet 584e723966a58cleaning method to be utilized. A detailed vacuuming session will help you secure even better results with the steam cleaning method to remove dry soils.

Shift the Necessary Furniture 

Before the carpet cleaners reach your place, it is best to shift any small, light-weight, movable furniture off carpet. However in some cases, it isn’t crucial to shift all of the furniture. There are times when you simply want to get the high-traffic areas cleaned. In case your room curtains and drapes hang on the carpets, make sure you pin them up so they don’t get in the way. The same applies to bed skirts and upholstery.

Remove Pets

Make sure your pets are away while the carpet is being cleaned. There is a good chance that they can interrupt the cleaning process, or even try to ruin the carpets before they dry. Be very careful and put your pets in a different room, not allowing them to enter areas where carpets are being treated.

584e72e136200Avoid Walking on Wet Carpets

Once the carpets are professionally deep steam cleaned, they require sufficient drying time. And hence, you, your kids and pets must stay away until they’re dried. During summers, you can always open windows and turn on the ceiling fans  to help speed up the  drying process.

A/C systems create humidity from the indoor air, which prolongs the drying process. You can adjust the thermostat 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the temperature setting, during winter 15 minutes prior to service. We use commercial blowers to help the speed up the drying of the carpets.  Nonetheless, make sure no one walks on the carpet while it’s still damp.

Pick up your phone and dial (661)833-0934 to hire our professional carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield. Our experienced carpet cleaners additionally offer oriental rug cleaning, carpet repairing, carpet stretching and a host of other services for a cleaner, healthier home.

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