Research Reveals That A Clean House Makes You Happier!


Cleanliness, it is said, is next to godliness, but can the same be said about cleanliness and happiness? Can the two concepts be related in any way? Science says they are!

When we talk about happiness and the things that lead to it, we come across activities, such as reading, meditating, spending time with family, and so on. However, recent research has pointed out the fact that having a clean house can be added to this list.

The Relationship between a Clean House and Stress Hormones

A study was carried out by researchers at the University of California to observe if there was any relationship between a tidy home and cortisol (stress hormone).

30 couples were part of the study. Stress levels were checked during various times throughout the day. It was found that women who thought that their homes were messy and chaotic had higher levels of stress hormones than women who thought their houses were clean. This clearly indicates that cleaner homes make women feel good about themselves, and that it reduces stress levels.

Cleaning Leads to Good Mental Health

A study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that residential cleaning can have positive effects on mental well being. The research revealed that only 20 minutes of exercise, whether it is cleaning or jogging, can make a person less prone to depression.

Another study carried out by Indiana University’s Physical Activity Department also proved that cleaning could improve mental and physical health. The subjects of the research were 998 individuals between the ages of 49 and 65. It was found that the cleaner their homes, the better their mental and physical well being.

Moreover, in the Scottish Health Survey of 3,000 people who reported stress and anxiety, it was found that engaging in any sports activity reduced both by 33%, whereas housework and walking could lessen these symptoms by as much as 20%. However, casual dusting won’t do the trick. The cleaning has to be strenuous to have an impact.

To Sum Up

The positive impact may be due to the fact that engaging in physical exercise can help people let go of negative emotions. It’s a sort of catharsis – one in which removing the dust and clutter of your home will serve as a metaphor to removing negativity from your life.

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