Sanitizing Your Home – How Often Is Enough?


With spring just around the corner, more and more people are hiring services to go for an in-depth cleaning of their homes.

However, spring shouldn’t be the only season on your calendar which pushes you to clean up and sanitize your home. You and your family spend the better part of your day at home; this is why it is necessary for your home to be disease free.

It is especially necessary to go for home sanitizing services after a family member has suffered illness. Sanitizing the home after an illness can help prevent other family members from becoming sick due to lingering germs and bacteria that may be present in the environment  of your home.

Excellence Janitorial Services  & Carpet Cleaning is well equipped in dealing with home sanitization clients because of our experience and dedication to the job at hand.

Let’s take a look at sanitizing services offered by Excellence Janitorial Services.

Effective Surface Cleaning

Our advanced and effective cleaning products and equipment cleanse the surface thoroughly. Surfaces are in constant contact by touch; this is why we pay special attention to surface cleaning. Surface cleaning takes place in several steps, which include grease cutting, germ killing, and rinsing. Surface sanitizing is recommended after every 3 months or more frequently with heavy use.

Deep Cleaning of Carpets and Upholstery

Carpets and upholstery have hidden nooks and corners where germs and dirt can hide perfectly. Due to this reason, we have mechanized cleaning options for disinfecting and sanitizing carpets and offices. We employ custom-made shampoos and conditioners in accordance with fabric type so that color, cut, and design of the fabric is maintained throughout the procedure. Carpet and upholstery sanitization is recommended after every 3 months or more depending on carpet type and traffic.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

At Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning, we care about the environment. This is why we don’t use CFCs or other environment damaging chemicals in our cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Furthermore, we do not expel our waste in rivers and have proper waste disposal systems, verified by the law. We care about animals and their natural habitat, so the products we use are against animal testing as well.

Flexible and Customizable Services

Excellence Janitorial Services offer flexible and customizable services options according to your needs and requirements. You can opt for complete or partial sanitizing services; you can also tell us about what kind of results you are looking for  before service is started

Excellent Janitorial Services believes in effective communication with the clients; this is why we have an active consumer relations department. You can call us today for further information and inquiry about home sanitizing services.




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