Spring Cleaning Tips for Offices


Staying organized is a major component of keeping the surrounding areas clean and tidy. An unorganized office space not only presents an unprofessional look, it also makes it difficult for workers to show productivity.

According to a study, as much as 82% of the workers feel that they would be motivated to work harder in a cleaner office. While the same study claims that there are more bacteria on an office work station than a toilet seat!

Spring cleaning is not only great for households; they can also provide startling results to businesses and its employees. To have the best spring cleaning for your office, here are some great tips to help you out:

Dispose Off the Old Papers

Many times, we tend to pile up old papers in spite of knowing that they don’t carry any business value. As you start sorting out the stacks of paper, you think and question yourself, ‘Do I need these documents?’, ‘Should I store them more securely?’ or ‘Should these papers be tossed in the bin?’ Once you find answers to these questions, get rid of the papers that are useless and effectively file the important ones by creating a filing system that matches your needs.

Another tip to prevent piling up papers is always asking yourself, ‘Do I really need a print/hardcopy of this document?’ This way you will save your office space from turning into a messy and chaotic paper market.

Disconnect Business and Pleasure

In an office space, employees may be tempted to undertake non-work related activities such as personal phone calls or playing games on their smart phones at intervals. It is extremely important to keep all these distractions and pleasures away from your working space. If you have a home office, try to keep it separate and away from toys, tech gadgets, or almost anything that can make your space look untidy. One of the biggest productivity killers at work is cell phones. To prevent it from inhibiting your productivity, place it at a designated location and only check it during breaks.

Slow Down

One of the major reasons why offices remain dirty and disorganized is the disinterest of people to give office cleanliness and organization a proper amount of time and effort. Invest your time in keeping the files organized so that you can easily find documents when needed. Moreover, it will also help your station look clean, ordered and uncluttered. After all, spending a few extra seconds to return the items to their primary location will save you time in the long run.

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