The Matter of Mats: Kinds of Mats to Be Placed In Commercial Buildings


No one likes the sight of less than perfect floor tiles. Foot traffic in your office also makes the floor dirty. No matter how beautiful your office is, the floor is going to steal the show! That too, in a negative way…

It would be so easy if you could protect the office floor from the burden of a thousand foots. Or better yet, hide all its imperfections.

There is a way to do both, and it’s very affordable! Simply, pull a mat and let your office building look as good as new. You can even install different types of carpets for different purposes.

1.     Logo floor mats

These are doormats customized for your business. The perfect way to promote your brand! Think about it: A doormat is the first thing seen by anyone entering your office space. They are eye-catching, and sure to attract and market your brand.

2.     Anti-fatigue mats

Employees easily get tired of sitting in front of the computer all day long. Make the office space more comfortable for your employees to increase their productivity.

One way to do this is by getting anti-fatigue mats. Place them in areas where workers go to relax, or ease back. These mats are not just comfortable, but are also in soothing colors, relaxing their mind as well.

3.     Entrance mats

These rugs are used to avoid falls and slips in the office space. The right type of mat for each entrance will help you protect your employees from slip and fall injuries. They’re low maintenance and leave a good impression on clients and business partners.

4.     Anti-static mats

These are non-conductive mats. They save your staff from fatal shocks that may be generated by high voltage equipment. These rugs draw the static off workers before they begin working with sensitive equipment. Employing these mats will add to workplace safety.

5.     Chair mats

These mats protect the floor from chair marks and scratches. They also make it easier to move the chairs around. Added bonus: Imagine pulling off your shoes and letting your feet breathe for a while on a comfortable mat.

There are several other types of mats which you can use in a commercial building. But with its use comes the responsibility of keeping it clean. We provide professional carpet cleaning and carpet repairing services to a number of commercial clients. Let us keep your mats clean and your office welcoming!

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