Throwing Away your Carpet Cleaning Supplies? Consider This!


Step back, and take a look at you carpet cleaning products’ cupboard. Is it brimming with cleaners and soaps for this stain and that spot?

Can you see the labels peeling off? Do you observe a change in color or foul smell emitting from the cupboard? These are all the signs that scream a cupboard overhaul.

We have compiled a list of things which indicate that an item needs to be thrown away if:

It is not used frequently

It may come as a surprise for you, but some cleaning products, such as bleach, do not have long shelf life. You have to use them up quickly before they start losing their effectiveness.

The Product is Being Improperly Stored

The effectiveness of product is not lost because of its infrequent or delayed usage. It can also be affected if the product is not stored properly.

If you are not following the directions, such as keeping the product away from sunlight, or tightening the lids after every use, you may lose the product to environmental reactants.

Shifting the product from its original container to another container may also take a toll in the composition of its ingredients. This is the reason why it is advised to throw away the product if the container is damaged.

Throw away your carpet cleaning products if you notice the following:


Clumps can be formed in all type of cleaners, including powder, gel and liquid types. Even new cleaners may have these clumps in their bottles. Stop using them and throw them away if your cleaners are clumpy.

Foul Smell and Color

The carpet cleaning products may change their smell and color over time. Immediately stop using them if you see a strange color appearing in the liquid or a bad, unusual smell emitting from it.

Damaged Containers

Take a notice of the condition of container’s every now and then. This is because a damaged container may indicate contaminated product inside.

If there are damages on the container, do not buy the product. If your cleaner develops the signs of damaged container afterwards, throw away the product immediately. Please always dispose of these chemicals properly at your nearest disposal site.

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