To Do Or Not To Do: The Pros and Cons Of Ceramic Polished Floors


Installing ceramic floor tiles in your kitchen, bathroom and rest of the home can prove
to be an excellent choice. Depending on the style and design, there are numerous beautifully designed tiles available in the market that homeowners can install.

While not a high end or upscale type of flooring, ceramic tiled floors certainly scores points when it comes to presentation and maintenance.

For the sake of creating equal competition between the different types of flooring, we list below some pros and cons of ceramic tiled flooring as well as helpful tips for its maintenance.

The Pros of Ceramic Polished Floors

They offer;

  • Water and stain-proof qualities
  • Wide variety, shapes and sizes
  • Slip resistance and good traction
  • Glazed ceramic doesn’t require sealing (although unglazed flooring does)
  • Colors don’t fade away easily
  • Doesn’t crack or deform in heat/frost
  • Long lasting, durable and wear resistant
  • An incredibly low cost floor tile

The Cons of Ceramic Polished Floors

There aren’t many;

  • Require more maintenance
  • Scratches and chips remove the colored glaze
  • Difficult to repair or re-surface (by DIY methods)

Sometimes Your Ceramic Tiled Floors Will Need a Little More than Regular Cleaning

You’ll know when it’s time to polish ceramic floors when individual tiles still look dirty and faded, no matter how many hours have been spent cleaning it. There’s very little difference when it comes to cleaning and polishing ceramic tiles.

You may either have to rent a DIY floor buffer or hire professionals to do this, depending on how thorough you want the job to be done. Polishing a ceramic tiled floor is a multistep process, involving;

Sweeping the Floor

Loose debris and dirt must be swept completely off the tiled floor. This can be done with the help of a vacuum or a fine bristled broom.

Clean the Grout

Homeowners can either conduct DIY spot cleaning in this step. While household cleaners won’t be strong enough to get the toughest grime out from in between tiles, hydrogen peroxide, detergent and warm water can be used to get at least some stains out. You can also hire us for tile and grout cleaning!

The tiles can be introduced to the floor buffer machine only after the floors have been stripped waxed. You can rent an electric floor buffer from your local home improvement store and polish the tile floors to a high sheen. Proper care is needed when it comes to using a high speed machine on the floor for polishing (but mishaps can occur as well).

It’s better to hire professionals when it comes to ceramic or tile floor buffering and polishing. Contact us for excellent janitorial service in Bakersfield.

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