Uses of Vinegar for Household Cleaning


Most cleaning products today are either expensive or extremely toxic. But white vinegar is an exception. It won’t cost you big dough and it‘s not at all noxious to humans. Vinegar is a weak form of acetic acid and is outright edible.

The multipurpose nature of white vinegar is catching on rapidly and is one tough contender against all the cleaning products that are found in the market. It can take care of your kitchen, carpet stains, laundry, countertops, bugs, weeds – seriously, its uses are endless.  Don’t believe? You will!

Carpet stains

Vinegar works on carpet and it works really well. If you find any unpleasant display on your carpet (such as pet pee, muddy footprints or any other stubborn stains), work on it as soon as possible (while the stain is still wet).

Make a solution of vinegar and water (1/1) in a spray bottle. At first, blot the stain using a clean, dry towel. Repeat the process until you have soaked up the liquid as humanly possible. Once you are done with it, apply the prepared vinegar solution on the surface and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Lastly, get it soaked.

Now, the vinegar will work its magic and turn your dirty carpet into a clean one.

Windows and window blinds

Vinegar can make your windows gleam and will not leave the typical streaks on the glass. Mix equal part of warm water and white distilled vinegar, and apply it on the window. Later, make it dry using a soft cloth.

You can give a white glove treatment to window blinds as well. Make a solution of vinegar and hot tap water (equal ratio).  Then put on a white cotton glove and moisten the fingers in the prepared solution. After that, slide your fingers across both sides of each slat and get ready to be stunned.


The process of cleaning mirror is somewhat similar to window cleaning. Mix vinegar and water (equal parts) in a spray bottle and apply it on the mirror. Then wipe the surface using old rags from cut-up t-shirts, newspaper or microfiber cloths.


Removing stickers from your furniture or other surfaces is not a big deal. All you need to do is moisten the sticker with vinegar and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then you can easily remove it.

Water rings on furniture

 Water rings (mark left by glasses or hot bowls) on the furniture do not bode well for a lovely décor. However, you can simply remove these stains using vinegar.

Mix olive oil and vinegar (equal parts) and apply it on the surfaces using a soft cloth. Then use another dry cloth to shine it up. If you have leather furniture, there is a bit different process. Dab the water rings with a sponge soaked in complete white vinegar and you will get your normal furniture back.

For sweet aroma

If you want to surround your living-space with sweet odors persistently, place a bowl of vinegar in your room overnight. Then, you can inhale a pleasant smell all day long.

Tile, Shower, Counters, Tub, Faucets, sinks, bathtub

 Vinegar on plumbing elements (tile, shower, etc) is always effective.  Even though many people prefer using microfiber on these items, vinegar solution still won’t disappoint you here.

Combine water and vinegar (50/50) and apply it on the tile, cabinet fronts, soap scum, faucet, and counter, to mention a few.

Candle wax

Candles might have given you a lot of romantic dinners, but you certainly wouldn’t want to recall them by seeing its stain on your precious furniture.

To remove wax stain, first soften it using a blow-dryer and blot up as much as possible with paper towels. Then remove the stain using a cloth soaked in a vinegar and water solution. At last, wipe clean with a soft cloth.


Vinegar can easily brighten up your brickwork. Go over the bricks with a damp cloth dipped in a water-vinegar solution (1 gallon warm water and 1 cup white vinegar). The moment you follow this step, you will wonder why you didn’t try it before. You can use the same recipe to clean your brick floors as well.

Unclogging drain

If there is one thing that has the worst timing then it’s probably a drain problem. But, till the time you have vinegar in your kitty, you don’t have to worry at all.

Pour ½ cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar into your drain. You can use a funnel for this. Once you see bubbles coming out, you can then flush it with hot tap water. Wait for about 5 minutes and flush again with cold water. This process will not just clear blockages but will also remove odor causing bacteria.

Smoke odor

If you want to get rid of lingering smoky odor then vinegar can serve the purpose. Place a shallow bowl about three-quarters full of vinegar in the area where the odor is strongest. If the scent permeates your entire home, use more bowls.

You can also handle this issue by moistening a cloth with vinegar and waving it around a bit.

Deodorize your kid’s lunch box

 You don’t want your kids to hold their breath every time they open the lunchbox. Fortunately, vinegar can deodorize lunchboxes and save your kids from lunchtime embarrassment.

Just soak a slice of white bread in white vinegar and leave it in the lunchbox overnight. By morning, the smell should be gone.

Disinfect cutting boards

Wipe your chopping boards with vinegar after each use. The vinegar contains the acetic acid which is a nice disinfectant and effective against many harmful bugs, such as Staphylococcus and Salmonella.  Sometimes, you might rely on water and dishwashing detergent but it can weaken wood fibers.

Clean Computer and peripherals

Electronic devices like computer, fax machine, keyboard or printer will perform better, if they are kept clean. Since these devices can easily get damaged due to water, you need to be extremely careful while cleaning them.

At first, make sure that all of these devices are shut off. Then, make a solution of white vinegar and water in a bucket. Dampen a clean cloth in the prepared solution and squeeze it out as much as you can before wiping – never use a sprayer as you don’t want to get water on the circuits inside.  If it is your keyboard, you can use cotton swabs.

Remove pen-mark from walls

If the young artist in your home just decorated  walls with “fine” arts, then you don’t need to lose your cool. Dab some vinegar on the “masterpiece” using a cloth, and repeat the process until the marks are gone. You can then go out to get a good sketch pad for your kid.

Refresh kitchen

How do you feel when the smell of last night’s cooked onion is still hanging around your kitchen? Disgusting isn’t it? But don’t worry! A simple homework can do the trick. Mix a pot of ½ cup white vinegar in 1 cup water. Boil it until the liquid is gone. You will then be breathing easier.

Clean microwave

 Microwave cleaning is not as tricky as it sounds. All you need to do is keep a glass bowl filled with a solution of 1 cup water and ¼ cup vinegar, inside the oven. Zap the mixture for about 5 minutes on the highest setting and wait until the bowl cools down. Then dip a cloth into the liquid and use it to wipe away stains on the interior.

Clean Refrigerator

Many people consider vinegar a better cleaner than baking soda when it comes to cleaning refrigerator.

Make a solution of water and vinegar (equal amount) and use it to wash both exterior and interior of your fridge. You can wash the door gasket and the fronts. This will not just make your refrigerator fresh but also prevent mildew growth. If there is dust accumulated on the top of the fridge, apply undiluted vinegar on the surface and wipe.

Remove grease stains

 Vinegar can remove all the grease stains from your kitchen table, stove and counter. For this, prepare a solution of water and vinegar (mixing equal parts). Then apply the solution on the surfaces and wipe them.

Apart from eliminating the grease, vinegar will also neutralize odors on the surface, providing its own aroma.

Make a scrub for kitchen utensils

 If you want to prepare an effective scouring mix that just costs you a few pennies then vinegar can be your ultimate relief.  Simply mix salt and flour (equal amount) and add some vinegar to make a paste. Then apply the paste around the cooking surface and outside the utensils, such as pans or pots. Once you do it, rinse off with warm water and dry nicely with a soft dish towel.

So… with all of these uses around the house, vinegar deserves a special place in your pantry. 

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