Water Damaged Carpets: What You Need to Know


Water damaged carpets can be a menace! When carpets get soaked with water for more than a few hours, the natural fibers also disaffiliate themselves from the polyurethane support. As a result, you are left with no other viable option than to change your carpet. Nevertheless, not every carpet affected by water is adversely damaged. In most cases, only a modest amount of water has spilled. So, cleaning, purifying, and drying the carpets will assist households and businesses in maintaining the looks of their flooring and avoiding pungent odors. 

The foremost thing to be aware of is the kind of water that has spoiled your carpet. Typically, there are 3 classifications of water:

  1. Clean water oozing out from a damaged or leaked pipe, swarming sink, and leaking appliances.
  2. Dirty water coming from toilets, warm water leaking from heaters, or any probable spills where water is contaminated with impurities.
  3. Water consisting of sewage or raw dirt from drainage, or the water coming from outside. It enters the ground before seeping into the house and then damages the carpets.

Getting a grip over each classification is obliging as it’s extremely useful for knowing the first line of action to take following the discovery of a saturated carpet. Moreover, it will help you in finding out who to call for quick and dependable clean-up of the soaked carpet.

The First and Second Classification

The carpets damaged by the first and second classifications can be reinstated and cleaned without the need of replacing them, only if there are no prominent marks or severe damages. Most professional carpet cleaning companies eliminate the standing water by using truck mounted extraction machines at the same time as using dehumidifiers and air movers on the drenched carpet. This not only speeds up the drying process, but also does away with the manifestation of mildew and mold. Therefore, it’s viable to hire a bonded, insured and certified cleaning company for your water damage carpets to obtain best results.

The Third Classification

The third classification brings water collectively with germs and pathogens that are open threats to the security and well being of the dwellers. The carpets damaged by the third classification of water should be detached and be discarded right away. However, this job must be done by professionals by applying the anti-microbial agents to sub-floor surfaces. Remember, you cannot take any kinds of short cuts when dealing with such carpets and it is important to strictly observance the industry rules throughout the process of eradication. There are guiding principles and values for restoring water damaged carpets that are best known to professionals.

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