When Is The Right Time To Throw Away Your Cleaning Supplies?


Take a good look at the cupboard where you keep the cleaning supplies in. While it may be chock-full of cleaning items and products, just how many do you know that should be thrown out? Do you even check to see whether any products have gone bad or not? How to tell if a cleaning product has gone bad?

Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning, the only janitorial and carpet cleaning service that understands this dilemma, shares the following helpful tips on increasing the shelf life of cleaning products and for knowing when to throw them out:

If Products Are Being Used Infrequently

Cleaning products, even newly bought ones lose their effectiveness if they have been stored for some time after only being used once. For example, bleach if stored at the right temperature has a shelf life of nearly 6 months, although it begins to lose minor levels of effectiveness after 3 months.

If Products Are Being Improperly Stored

Effectiveness isn’t lost only by using products infrequently or after a long time, but they might lose their full capacity to work when stored improperly as well. Read the directions labeled on the container of any cleaning product as manufacturers sometimes state explicit instructions regarding storage.  Remember putting the cleaning product in a separate container will also shorten its shelf life, but proper attention (tighten the lids, store in a cool dry place) must be paid to the original containers too.

Throw Out the Cleaning Products Immediately If You Notice:

A Bad or Unusual Smell

It’s a bad idea to use products that are emitting a smell that’s different from when the product was bought. If you notice a bad smell, replace the cleaning product immediately.  The same goes for its color.


These can sometimes be found even in new powdered cleaning solutions, but it’s time to throw that cleaner out if you see large and hard clumps forming in the once smooth powdered cleaner. The same rule goes for gel or liquid cleaners as well.

Damaged Containers

Our cleaning experts recommend homeowners to leave cleaning solutions and products in their original containers.  This way if a crack or any other sign of damage is found, homeowners won’t have any hassle throwing the container away and getting a new one. Be sure to note the condition of the container when at the time of purchase and storage, as the chemical agent inside the cleaner can get affected by outside damage.

You will know exactly when to throw away cleaning products in most cases, but it’s also important to know just when your house needs a DIY cleaning and when a thorough professional cleaning from Excellence Janitorial Service & Carpet Cleaning will be more beneficial. Call us today and find out!


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