Why Dirty Carpets Are a Health Hazard

Why Dirty Carpets Are a Health Hazard

Carpets are so much more than just flooring options. They add warmth to a space and their unique designs make the room look more appealing.

However, keeping them clean is essential because dust mites, bacteria and other pathogens find their way to the carpet and lead to several other health problems which include:

Skin Problems

Dirty carpets can lead to various skin problems and infections. For example, when you walk barefoot on a dirty carpet, the bacteria might enter cuts or wounds in your feet and lead to problems like athlete’s foot.

Dust and dirt particles in the carpets can also lead to problems like skin asthma.

Respiration Problems

You might not know this but dirty carpets are the main reason for asthma in homes. This is because of the presence of mold in them. Inhaling airborne mold particles can lead to flu like symptoms and respiratory issues.

In addition to that, dirty carpets also serve as home for dust mites who feed on bacteria and fungi. After dust mites die, their carcasses are left behind and lead to problems like eye and nose irritation. It also results in skin rashes.

They are also dangerous for people who are already suffering from asthma since exposure to bacteria and other pathogens can trigger attacks.

They Weaken Your Immune System

Every day, bacteria and other toxins attack your body and your immune system is what keeps them at bay. However, living in a dirty environment can increase your stress levels which subsequently also affects your immune system.

Furthermore, constant exposure to bacteria and other pathogens also puts your immune system into overdrive and leaves you susceptible to ailments.

Dirty carpets also consist of harmful microbes known as mycotoxins. These are made up of different kinds of mold, which can severely weaken your immune system. In addition to that, they also lead to health problems like stomach infections and allergies.

Carpet Cleaning

This information gives you an idea regarding some of the problems that dirty carpets can lead to. This is why we suggest cleaning your carpets 1 to 2 times a year.

Simple things like vacuuming the carpet weekly can help. When the carpet is located in an area where there is heavy traffic. We recommend that you contact professionals like Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning.

We offer a wide range of carpet related services, which include carpet repair, carpet stretching and carpet cleaning. Contact us now at 661-833-0934.

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