Why Does My Home Look Messy? : De-cluttering Your Home


Ever feel like you can never finish cleaning the house no matter how much you try?

“I just cleaned! Why does it still look so messy?”

I’m going to be blunt here and say that you, my friend, have too much stuff and need to de-clutter ASAP! We all know having to throw away your possessions hurts, but it doesn’t have to be painful at all.

Here are some tips on de-cluttering your home:

Baby clothes and things

If you have children and don’t plan on having any more, giving away their baby clothes and old stuff is the best thing to do. If it is never going to be used again, just think about all the space you are going to clear up by giving away Jake’s crib or Emma’s stroller. If you cannot bring yourself to part ways with their baby clothes, maybe you could just keep their first clothes as a memory.But do give away the rest. You know you are doing a good thing by giving them away.

The one hundred seventy –six pairs of jeans and dresses

We all have those clothes that don’t fit us anymore but keep it with us anyways in the hope we will lose some weight year after year. But we don’t. If you give them to Goodwill, there is a better chance of someone wearing and loving them than when they are just sitting in the back corner of your closet.

The one hundred and seventy pairs of shoes

Yes, you can never have enough shoes. No, you do not need them all. Trash the shoes that have given away. The black boots with rugged edges you got when you were in your teens rocking your Goth days, you are never going to wear them again. Those red boots you wore on Halloween 4 years ago when you dressed up as Wonder Woman, you don’t need those. TOSS!

Have you used it in the past year?

This is one of the best techniques to apply when you are debating whether to keep or toss an item while de-cluttering. Ask yourself if it has been used in the last year. If something hasn’t been used in the last 12 months, chances are, you won’t be using it too often either.

Hold a garage sale / sell them online

Parting with things can be hard. But not if someone else pays you for it! With the stuff that you have decided not to keep, you can hold your own garage sale. Putting your stuff for sale online is also a good idea. The idea that your prized possessions could fetch you some money keeps you from getting too sad.

Resist the urge to buy more stuff you don’t need

Last, but not the least, you HAVE TO STOP BUYING STUFF YOU DON’TNEED.
That is how you end up with too much stuff in the first place.

Happy de-cluttering, folks!

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