Why is hiring a carpet cleaning expert better than renting a machine?

Hiring carpet cleaning professionals is always a sound investment. This is because they apply a hot water extraction process (also known as steam cleaning) to thoroughly clean your carpet. Steam cleaning is by far the best carpet cleaning process on the market and is suggested by every carpet manufacturer.

Since professional cleaners are in the business-line for over decades, they can exactly detect your every carpet problem and suggest the best ways to handle it.

We (Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning) are proud to be one of such companies.

How can I find the right carpet cleaning professional?

Even though there are numerous carpet cleaning companies in the market, finding the right one is always a bit of a challenge. Ask questions. How long have they been business?. What type of equipment will they be using?. Ask them to explain the process! What is the drying time? These are basic questions any professional should know. Are they willing to come to your location to give an estimate? After a thorough inspection have been completed. You should feel confident that this is the right company to hire.

Also, obtain recommendations from your close people before calling any contractor. You can always trust the company that has a good word-of-mouth. Another good step would be going deeply to their websites. Positive reviews and testimonials will give you peace of mind.

Is it true that if I clean my carpet, it will get dirty faster?

It is pretty much true if you get it cleaned by unprofessional carpet cleaners. However, our carpet cleaning experts will thoroughly rinse your carpet (balancing pH). If the pH is not balanced, it will cause re-soiling and will also make your carpet dirty pretty quickly.

How long does my carpet take to dry?

When you consider our professional carpet cleaners, it basically takes about 1 hour to dry. This is because; we position air movers in the entry of each room while cleaning the carpets. This helps big time in accelerating the drying process. However, depending on the condition of your carpet, say if it is heavily soiled, the drying time could vary from 1-2 hours.

How often should I clean my carpet?

With a proper maintenance (regular vacuuming), you can have your carpet cleaned professionally in every 12-18 months.

Can I remove carpet stains by myself?

Yes, there are many carpet stains that you can treat by yourself. Please go through this page and learn different DIY stain removing recipes.
A piece of advice – Don’t let soil and moisture build up in the carpet as they will reduce the life of your carpet.

Will my carpets re-soil quicker after cleaning?

Not really – if you hire professional cleaners for the job. Actually, today’s cleaning detergents and chemicals are manufactured to the highest specifications for quality and effectiveness. Fortunately, our cleaners always rely on these cleaning solutions. As a result, it won’t cause re-soiling problems.

Does anyone need to be at home while my carpet is being cleaned?

Not that necessary. Our professional cleaners are reliable and insured. However, it would be better if someone from your family members stays home before we start cleaning. This will help both of us to discuss about carpet care issues pertaining to your carpet, and also to have a little talk on which cleaning package you would like to go with.

If you have any carpet related questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Leave your comment below and we will be glad to answer it.